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We're a collective of diverse trainers and practitioners, each of us committed to the path of authentic and compassionate communication.



Eze is your classic example of engineer-turned-coach. If you're not familiar with that type, he's the guy to look at. Consciousness, communication, and self-growth enthusiast, he has traveled to Central and South America to work with native Shamans and is currently expanding his coaching skills with a third school of training. He brings a sweet blend of his intelligent, linear engineer mind with his curious, playful self to the table - a concoction which he calls Consciousness Engineer. He thinks this sounds cool. When not coaching, Eze can be found out in nature, playing with his newest toy called a dragon-staff, or, well, learning about coaching. He's really into it!  Learn more at

Eze [at] ezesanchez [dot] com



Kathleen is a former watershed scientist and technology trainer who embraced her passion for interpersonal communication and empathy for helping each other heal from past trauma during her awakening experiences in the Satvatove personal development seminars in 2011. She has been facilitating communication and self-awareness workshops in Gainesville for five years. She offers life coaching which draws on her years of work with transformative communication that enhances empathic support for self-realization and personal responsibility, empowerment and more authentic connection with gentle self-love and somatic experiencing.  katamckee [at] gmail [dot] com



As a long-time practitioner of NVC, currently a certified trainer candidate, Leif works with individuals, couples, families, schools, and organizations to deepen their capacity to weed through the language of disconnection and discover the beauty and power of our shared human values. His emphasis on curiosity and kindness allows people to make big leaps from their comfort zones. When not working, you can find him on the playground with his 9-year old son Eli, or home playing string music with delicious food and chocolate, and with his partner Marina and their loving pup. Learn more at   hello [at] leifstringer [dot] com

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Marina Smerling is a former attorney turned life and relationship coach for women who draws upon over a decade of training in NVC, the Hakomi Method (a mindfulness and somatic-based approach to transformation), and nondual spiritual practice to support women in composting age-old shame into radical self-love, and saying β€œyes” to what brings them to life.  When not coaching, Marina can be found organizing fossil-fuel divestment campaigns, nerding out over kombucha, and boogieing to the sounds of samba, hip hop, and West African music, with just a little bit of classical ballet thrown in to humble her.  Learn more at 

marina [at] shamelessheart [dot] com



Noor is a Cambridge-educated professional with advanced degrees in Psychology (Counseling), Social Anthropology, and Religious Studies; he has been involved in the field of consciousness and wellness for a decade now and cares about empowering others through psycho-spiritual approaches. He currently works in the field of elementary education, but has been devoted to being a lifelong learner of human potential and its application. Noor is known for being quirky, caring, sensitive, and earnest; his interests include conscious communication, non-dual spirituality, meditation, Playback Theatre, 5 Rhythms, and yoga. To NVC, Noor brings his passion for understanding, self-awareness, and commitment to precise language & healing.  Noormn33 [at] gmail [dot] com